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Policies, Rates, and Deposit Information

Please read through all the information below before filling out a booking form, thank you!

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My hourly rate, starting November 2023, is $200 with a minimum of $250 for custom designs. All customs will have a $75 drawing fee taken out of your $175 deposit, leaving $100 towards your appointment. 

All flash designs will have the full deposit go towards your piece. 

 I specialize in illustrative blackwork. I do not do color work and do not offer it at this time. 


I do offer consultations, all consults are held in the studio. I do not make public/ home visits, or facetime for consults.  


All designs prepared by myself, I hold the rights to any designs produced by myself. I do not allow my work to be taken out of my studio space and done by another artist. Please respect this and only use my work, if not done by myself, as a reference.  

All flash designs are marked with standard sizes, pricing, and availability on my page. Any changes to these designs will be charged at my hourly rate and do not claim one off designs since changes have been made. Flash designs are not held without a deposit, and all booking info applies the same. 

All bookings are only taken through my booking form. This form is on my website, and as well in my Instagram bio. I DO NOT answer any DM’s at this time. All email updates will be posted on my Instagram stories. I do ask to give up to a week for responses at this time. 


All bookings require non refundable $175 deposits 

Deposits are good for one rescheduled appointment and do go towards the final cost of the design. Deposits can be split between multi session appointments, this is an option I discuss in studio before second sessions on the same piece. 


Without a date set for rescheduling deposits only count for a month. Once the month passes without a rescheduled appointment a new deposit will have to be sent over to keep any designs. All deposits are forfeit in the event of a no show appointment. All appointments are considered no show 15 minutes past the time of the scheduled appointment. 

For finalizing all appointments I do take a $175 deposit through my Venmo @foxgrovetattoo 

Please send your deposit over ONLY after we have discussed booking times through email.

I ask all clients to show up at least 5-10 minutes before their appointment for paper work purposes. Please do not show up any earlier than 15 minutes beforehand, It does impact my other appointments throughout the day.  

Please be sure to eat and drink plenty of water before your appointment, this means might before and morning of. If you arrive and haven’t eaten, or haven’t eaten enough, I will have you step out and get food. This is for your personal safety and health, this will also help you during the tattoo itself. 

At this time all clients have the option of wearing CDC approved masks, one will be supplied if needed in the studio. I am fully vaccinated, but do ask my clients to not come in if they show any symptoms of Covid-19 of other illnesses in any way. 

All clients please try to come alone to appointments for Covid-19 safety and regulations, one person is the max and all guests will be sat in the lobby during the entirety of the appointment.


I do not offer any form of payment plans at this time and payment must be received in full before leaving the appointment, I am open to working with budgets and doing work in sessions to break up cost. 


All tattoos done by myself only have a $50 touch up fee. I do ask if possible to come in within the first four months of having the design. Touch ups can be done after one month from the appointment date. if the design was not done by me this will run at my regular hourly rate.


I do cover ups with the understanding there are limitations in what I can physically do over the space and previous design. Cover ups require a consultation in studio before booking an appointment. Having a consult does not mean I will be able to do this cover up. If the design isn’t workable, you may be referred for laser removal out of the studio.


If there are any questions or concerns with any information regarding my policies, please put it in your booking form and I will help clear up anything I can. 

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