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✴︎Foxgrovetattoo Aftercare✴︎ 

In this form you’ll find your aftercare instructions for your new tattoo! If you have any questions this form cannot answer, please reach out to me at any time via email! 

Thank you!


What you will need at home for healing:

  • Dial gold PUMP soap; no bar soaps

  • Lubriderm or Cetaphil lotion; NO Vaseline, or aquaphor, these brands are too oily for my personal style 


What to avoid during the healing process: 

  • Avoid scratching or picking at your tattoo (huge no no), if your tattoo itches be sure to slap or pat the area gently with the ball of your fingers 

  • Avoid swimming or submerging your tattoo in water, showers are totally fine, just nothing longer than that process 

  • Avoid direct sunlight to the area, tanning beds, or tanning lotions/ products, these will cause damage to your tattoo and how it heals. Sun damage is irreversible to your tattoo 

  • Avoid tight clothing, or scratchy/ non-breathable materials on the area during the healing process 

  • Avoid excessive sweating or dirty services to the area, if you workout regularly wash the tattoo after workouts, or avoid especially if wearing a second skin bandage for those few days

  • Avoid any bodily fluids to the tattooed area during the healing process


Derm shield Bandage:

  • Leave bandage on for 3-5 days 

  • If edges of bandage peel feel free to trim them, if they peel past the tattoo please remove following steps below

  • Once you’re ready to take off the bandage, remove it in the shower, at the END of your shower.

  • Let the warm water help lift the adhesive, pull the bandage up away from your skin and slowly peel off

  • DO NOT rip the bandage off dry like a bandaid, this can pull out line in your tattoo, or injure your skin

  • Once the bandage is off toss out, the wash in a gentle circular motion with antibacterial unscented soap 

  • Wash soap off completely without soaking the tattoo too long in water

  • Let air dry fully, please avoid using any towels or microfiber cloths on your tattoo 

  • Once fully dry use a thin, light layer of unscented lotion (Lubriderm, or Cetaphil) 

  • Then wash and lotion your tattoo twice daily for a month 


Saran Wrap Bandage:

  • Leave bandage on for no more than 2 hours 

  • Once home remove bandage and wash the tattoo fully with unscented antibacterial pump soap (Dial Gold)

  • Once fully washed, let the tattoo air dry, avoid using any towels or microfiber cloths on your tattoo 

  • Let the tattoo and skin breathe for one full day before using any moisturizer 

  • That night, you may have residual bleeding. Be sure to let the tattoo get as much air as possible 

  • The next day once you wash your tattoo again you may use a thin layer of unscented lotion (Lubriderm, or Cetaphil)

  • From there you will wash and lotion your tattoo twice daily for one month


What to expect after the tattoo is fully healed: 

  • Touch ups can be common! The skin sometimes will reject a line here or there, if needed you can always contact me for a touch up session! 

  • Sunscreen is you and your tattoos' new best friend! Always sunscreen your tattoos and avoid excessive tanning to the area. This will help your tattoos long term, and keep them nice and pigmented much longer 

  • Fading or changing in the skin is normal, our skin ages and changes, our tattoos will along with us. Don’t be surprised if lines thicken over time or the tattoo pigment isn’t as dark as when you got it fresh. 

  •  Always moisturize your tattoo even after it heals, your skin will love you for it! 

  • Once healed you can go back to all your usual activities, so swim, workout, be kinky! Whatever your heart desires once that bad boy is fully healed! 


If you ever have any questions at any point of your tattoo journey, you’re always welcome to contact me. No question is a wrong question. I hope you and your new tattoo have an amazing lifetime together!! 


For contact, feel free to use my email:, you can always respond to our previous thread or start a new one! 

Thank you for letting me tattoo you!! 


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